What Do Bath Bombs Do for Me?

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What Do Bath Bombs Do for Me? 

January 7, 2018  

Guest post by Sarah E. Cross 

 Bath Bombs

I know what you're thinking. The Bath Bomb craze is alive and well these days, but what do they actually do? There are plenty of Bath Bombs that just fizz and make your bath smell good. Some even have harsh chemicals in them that can make sensitive skin break out or burn.  

I can't speak for other Bath Bomb manufacturers, but the Your Essential Spa (Y.E.S.) Bath Bombs are made with all-natural ingredients. This makes them safe for kids and for people with sensitive skin.  

I have very sensitive skin along with eczema on my hands. I can't use anything with a fragrance and the Y.E.S. Bath Bombs don't make me break out like other products.  
I also have four small kids (seven and under) and my oldest breaks out terribly on his elbows and knees. Y.E.S. Bath Bombs have never bothered any of their skin and even makes my oldest's skin softer and less irritated.  

So, what's actually in Y.E.S. Bath Bombs?  


Baking Soda and Citric Acid  


These are the main ingredients in any Bath Bomb. They're the ones that make Bath Bombs fizz and spin. They release all the other good ingredients into your bath for your skin to soak up. 


Baking Soda is naturally occurring mineral that is often used to clean and smooth skin as well as a deodorant. 


Citric Acid is an organic acid coming from citric fruits. It is an antioxidant that helps reduce the effects of aging, repairs skin, and can loosen damaged layers of skin. This can allow the undamaged skin underneath come to the surface and enhancing skin's natural beauty.  


Powdered Milk and Vitamin A&E Oils 


Powdered Milk is used in many different face masks and beauty regimens. It is a moisturizer that can wash away dead skin cells. It is also another ingredient that has anti-aging and skin smoothing properties.  


Vitamin E is often used to nourish and moisturize skin, lighten scars, and treat stretch marks (with four kids, I can use that benefit!). Vitamin E is also another anti-aging ingredient, but I've found it's invaluable for the itchy winter skin.   


Vitamin A protects against UV damage, smooths wrinkles, and encourages healthy skin cell production. It also helps strengthen skin which protects you from bacteria, pollutants, and infection.  


Epsom Salts and Oats 

Epsom Salts are wonderful for exfoliating your skin and smooth those rough patches. This is especially necessary in the brutal winter weather. Epsom Salts also help to relieve stress and who couldn't use that these days? When combined with some Relaxation essential oils, a Bath Bomb could be just the de-stressor you need after a long day at work.  


As an eczema sufferer, I see oats in almost all of the skin care products that I use. They are a mild cleanser that sooth and also reduces itching. Oatmeal baths are all through the skin care aisle for eczema relief, especially in the winter.  


Essential Oils 


Y.E.S. Bath Bombs use some of the highest quality Essential Oils on the market. . Essential Oils are another one of the big crazes lately. Different oils can be added to Bath Bombs to help with different needs.  


There are blends available to help clear airways for people with colds and coughs, blends to help with digestion, or blends to help strengthen the immune system to help keep you from getting sick at all 


There are also single oils that can help with an array of physical and mental ailments. I'm no expert on them, but I know that Lavender can help you sleep, Peppermint is good for headaches, and Bergamot can help with anxiety.  


Y.E.S. knows just the right oil and just the right amount of oil to help you with many common problems.   




Borax is an interesting addition to the ingredient list. It can be controversial in that it can be a skin irritant, but that is mostly in an undiluted state. In small amounts, it is a good cleanser. It has antibacterial and antifungal properties that can help with acne and help avoid UTIs.  


The Bath Bombs that Y.E.S. makes have Borax in small enough amounts that it should not cause any skin irritation. As I've said, my oldest son and I both have skin problems and the Bath Bombs have never had any problems. But, as with any product, there is the possibility that some people may be sensitive to any of the ingredients. 


Food Coloring and Fragrance 


Then comes the "fun" part as my kids would say. The coloring turns their bath water different colors. I never knew it was so much fun to have purple or green water, but apparently that is the next best thing to the actual fizzing of the Bath Bomb.  


The fragrance can be part of the Essential Oils or it can be a separate fragrance that's added. I know the kids love anything with Marshmallow and I'm a big fan of anything with the Lavender or Vanilla. The scent stays on my skin for long after the bath is over.  


Are You Ready to Try a Y.E.S. Bath Bomb? 


In my opinion, anytime is a good time to try a Y.E.S. Bath Bomb. With four small kids, I don't often get a chance to have a bath, but when I do I always have a Y.E.S. Bath Bomb in it. 


The kids love that the Bath Bomb fizzes and turns their bath colors. And they especially love the Bath Bombs that have surprises inside.  


I love the way my skin sucks up the moisture and keeps from getting the winter itchies  I love the relaxation I can get from the aromatherapy. And I love the way it makes my skin soft and silky (and my husband does too!). 


If you're ready to give Bath Bombs a try, pick one out here!

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