Best Sellers

Best Seller
Roll On Perfume

Our Roll on Perfume bottles are great for traveling and for on the go.

Foam hand soap

Our foam hand soap is great for those dried hands! Can be made in any of our scents. Try it out today! 

Bath Bomb Jars

Love our bath bombs but don’t want to use a whole bomb in one bath? Well now you don’t have to! Our Bath Bomb jars are powder form bath bombs and are all different colors and scents. Use as much or as little as you would like you will still have the same results as before. the jar is filled with the equivalent of 1.5 bath bomb balls. The size jar is 8 ounces and is shown in the scent of Aroma. Enjoy!

Gift basket

Our Gift baskets are great for any occasion. Contact us with what you would like in the baskets or have it be a surprise! Item shown in photo is a small basket. 

Cologne \ Perfume

2 oz Glass Bottle of perfume or cologne due to demand the glass bottles you might receive either Green or Blue Glass bottles. 

Gift Card
Our Gift Cards are perfect way to give someone the perfect gift for all occasions.
Gift Certificate

Our gift certificates can be used in person or online. Once purchased we will write the online code before it’s mailed out to you. 

Hand sanitizer

Our hand sanitizer is made with ingredients to not only help kill germs but also leaves your hands soft.  Made with the following, 99% Alcohol, Fragrance Oil / Essential Oil, Olive Oil. 

Solid perfume/ lotion stick

Our new product is not only perfume but hydrating lotion as well! This portable stick is great for on the go when you need some lotion. Made with bees wax, coconut oil, and Shea oil.

Shower Steamer

Our shower steamer powder allows you to decide how much you want to use. You can use a little or a lot! The jar comes with a spoon to allow you to scoop out your desired amount.

 The shower steamer shown is in the scent of Aroma.

Salt Hand Scrub

Our hand salt scrubs are not only great for exfoliating the skin but also locks in moisture making it a awesome duo. Our hand salt scrubs also have a soap agent that also kills germs. For the Create Your Own please put color and scent in the special instructions tab. 

Bath Salts

Bath Salts

The bath salts are great for those who have achy muscles, the blend of Dead Sea salt and magnesium flakes  are mixed together to help with soreness, sleepiness, and overall relaxation. Just scoop one or two scoops in a hot bath tub and enjoy! The bath salts are also great for those who have dry skin as the natural oils in the Dead Sea salt will moisturize the skin.

Wooden Scoop only available with 16 oz & 19 oz Container.

Lavender Eucalyptus Salt Scrub

Our salt scrubs are made with specific salts to help scrub away dead skin cells and with the added oils in it will leave your skin feeling soft. The salt scrub is best used in the shower, once the area is scrubbed and covered. The salt will rinse off with warm water and will dissolve away. Not only will your skin feel great after using this product your skin will smell great to.


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